Rollerdrome All Grind Tricks & How To Get Strike A Pose Trophy


Rollerdrome is an action shooting game developed by Roll7. In this game, you use your skates to perform various tricks and defeat different types of enemies. There are various different types of maps where you will encounter enemies with melee weapons or guns. Some will also have shields that you need to break.

You need to uncover the true intentions and mystery of Matterhorn corporation. Your character will also have a few arsenals of her own and can switch them out to take enemies according to the need.

Rollerdrome Strike A Pose Trophy

There are various different types of trophies you can unlock and one of them is Strike a Pose. To obtain this trophy you need to perform all the grind tricks in a single match. Performing all the tricks is not hard if you know the button layout of each trick. Below you will find all the grind tricks keybind and how to perform a grind to unlock the trophy.

Rollerdrome All Grinds & How To Do It

To perform a grind trick you need to directly land on a pipe or on a ledge and before landing you need to press the button for the desired grind trick you need to perform. If you successfully perform a trick, the trick name will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Beside the trick name, there will be a number that let you know how much score you can get by performing the trick.

  • Box Grind – Triangle
  • Frontside Slide – Right + Triangle
  • Sidewinder – Left + Triangle
  • Nose Grind – Up + Triangle
  • Hunter Grind – Down + Triangle
  • Prowler Grind – Right + Right + Triangle
  • Axel Grind – Left + Left + Triangle
  • Stake Out – Up + Up + Triangle
  • Ickx Grind – Down + Down + Triangle
  • Lay Low –Right + Left + Triangle
  • 50-50 – Left + Right + Triangle
  • Floor Sweeper – Up + Down + Triangle
  • Mantis Grind – Down + Up + Triangle

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