Rollerdrome- All Grab Tricks List & How To Refill Ammo

RollerdromeIn Rollerdrome where the protagonist Kara Hassan had to participate in the sport that requires you to fend off enemies with various firearms while performing mind-stunning tricks. There are various tricks in books that can be performed after inputting specific buttons. There is an achievement “Every Trick in the Book” that can be obtained after performing every trick that you can in a single match. The inputs for all the grab tricks and how to reload your firearm are mentioned in this guide.

All Grab Tricks List & How To Refill Ammo In Rollerdrome

There is a total of 13 grab tricks that you can perform when you are up in the air. The inputs are in the following:

  1. Weddle Grab: Square
  2. Melancholy: Right + Square
  3. Tail Grab: Down + Square
  4. Safety Grab: Left + Square
  5. Nose Grab: Up + Square
  6. Seatbelt Grab: Right x2 + Square
  7. The Fray: Down x2 + Square
  8. Stale Grab: Left x2 + Square
  9. Mamba: Up x2 + Square
  10. Pretzel Grab: Left + Right + Square
  11. Coffin: Right + Left + Square
  12. Backbreaker:Down + Up + Square
  13. Heartbreaker: Up + Down + Square

The tricks allow you to reload or award ammunition to your weapon, so whenever you are approaching an enemy or have used your firearm perform any tricks. Depending on the combination of tricks, you are never worried about the ammunition. Grinding on the rail is such a great way to obtain consistent ammo in a short period of time. As you are performing grab tricks as mentioned above in a match, the shortage of ammunition will not be your worry.

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