Farthest Frontier- Crop Rotations And How To Work Out Efficiently

Farthest FrontierIn Farthest Frontier, farming crop is the main and steady source of food income for every season. Looking over your farm and assigning workers to perform a set of tasks that prioritize the yield and fertility of the soil. There will be a case where we would have a shortage of crops in demand if you neglect the proper crop rotation which we most of us will be encountering. In this guide, we have explained how to set up a crop rotation and why it is important.

Crop Rotations And How To Work Out Efficiently In Farthest Frontier

Before we build a farm or even a town, we need to check the soil fertility and plan to build structures not in the fertile land as there is where the Farm will go. Build a fence around and a fence gate at the crop field, so that animals cannot eat your crops and the assigned workers can access it easily.

Once you select Crop Field and choose what to grow in each field on each year, we had to also look over the Fertility, Weed Level, and Rockiness of your farm. It is recommended to have a number of farms in multiple of three. Just say 3 farms and each farm has a different crop rotation.

For Farm 1

Year 1: Turnip, Clover

Year 2: Clover, Wheat

Year 3: Beans, Clover

For Farm 2

Year 1: Clover, Wheat

Year 2: Beans, Clover

Year 3: Turnip, Clover

For Farm 3

Year 1: Beans, Clover

Year 2: Turnip, Clover

Year 3: Clover, Wheat

Why It Is Necessary To Have Different Crop Rotation Set For Each Farm?

As we gave an example of 3 farms where we specialized a farm in specific crop types according to our needs. Each year we are getting ample Wheat, Peas, and Turnip from the 3 farms, and the next year we are having the same production rate. Wheat can be processed as Flour and Bread. Turnip as a root vegetable and Beans as a green vegetable.

The crop rotation ensures that at every year we have a steady crop production from each farm. If you dedicate a year to wheat at all the farms, then there will be not enough root vegetables and green vegetables. Similarly, if you have dedicated all the farm for gree vegetables then you will produce it at a large number but then it will start to spoil as the consumption rate will not be enough.

If you need, you can add a farm and dedicate the main crop to be flax as villagers might need clothes once every 3 years. Overproducing a crop should not be encouraged when there is not enough population that needs it. It reduces wastage!

How To Deal With The Disease

Once your crop gets disease for example we say Wheat. When it is infested, you will loss % of wheat and has a spread chance that significantly destroys your farm at an alarming rate. You need to do maintenance to lower the Weed Level and Rockiness for a whole year and leave the field to heal itself as the disease will slowly get destroyed when they do not get any nutrients. Even if a crop field does not yield any crops for a year due to such disease, the proper crop rotation ensures that you have enough to pass a year without any major incident.

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