Across the Obelisk Unlock All Characters & All Classes

Across the Obelisk

There are four classes in Across the Obelisk and each class has four different characters. Not all the characters are unlocked from the beginning and as your progress through your gameplay, depending on your choices some of the characters will be unlocked. You need to choose to progress through a specific path or choose a particular type of portal. Below you will find all the classes and how to unlock all characters in Across the Obelisk.

Across the Obelisk All Classes & Characters

As you know there are four different classes and each class has four different characters. The classes and the characters list are:

  • Magnus
  • Heiner
  • Grukli
  • Bree
  • Andrin
  • Thuls
  • Sylvie
  • Gustav
  • Evelyn
  • Cornelius
  • Wilbur
  • Zek
  • Reginald
  • Ottis
  • Malukah
  • Nezglekt

Across the Obelisk How To Unlock All Characters

Magnus – One of the starting heroes.

Evelyn – One of the starting characters.

Reginald – One of the starting characters.

Andrin – One of the four starting heroes.

Grukli – The main item you need to complete to unlock Grukli is by obtaining the Big fish, you can complete the fishing event in the small lake or by other means. Once you have obtained the Big fish head over to the waterfall ledge in the green portal and cure his stomach ache by giving him fish and you will unlock Grukli.

Bree – After clearing Act 1 or 2 go to the blue area where you need to accept a quest from Bree at the Grove node. In Act 4 defeat Dawn and dusk, then take the top path to the sacred garden and select the dig option to plant the Ylmer’s seed.

Thuls – You need to interact with him to accept the quest from the water mill in Act 1. After you clear Act 1, go through the green portal and enter the spider cave. Inside the cave, there will be the spider boss that you need to defeat to unlock Thuls.

Sylvie – To unlock her you need to obtain an item called Moonstone. You can obtain this item in the Forest Glade area of Act 1. There you will have the option to either take it by combat or steal it. Once you obtain the moonstone, head over through the blue portal and meet Sylvie at the Owl Guardian. There you need to give her the Moonstone to unlock her.

Ottis – You need to accept a quest from Ottis from the Isolated Chapel in Act 1, then head to the bandit camp and defeat Yogger.

Cornelius – You need to accept the quest from Cornelius from the River Bridges in Act 1 and then choose the red portal later. Then head over to the Cult Temple and complete the fight.

Wilbur – First you need to accept Wilbur’s quest in the Rest Area of the red area and then continue the game till Act 4. In Wilbur’s quest, he asks you to find a book that you will find in the library, and there select the continue option to take the book.

Zek – In Act 1 “A grave on the road” common event you need to select the profane and dig for the key. Once you get the key interact with Zek in Act 2 and hand him the key in the Sewer Outlet in the blue area.

Heiner – First you need to accept her quest in the Crumbling tower in Act 1 and head over to the red area. Enter the gates of Kuzam’Dhar and defeat all the enemies inside.

Malukah – In Act 1 head over to the Suspicious Hatch, clear all the enemies there and obtain the Horn. In the green area, you will meet her again, buy a boat and give her the horn.

Gustav – In the green area pay the boat to reach the lonely rock where you will meet Gustav and accept his quest. Then visit the blue area and reach the mansion and select the left-wing option.

Nezglekt – In Act 1 visit the Stargazer and take one divination, go to the red area, and then to the campsite where you will get a delivery quest. Make sure not to toss the accessory item heavy package and hold it till Act 4. Then in Act 4, you need to visit the Airship and give the heavy package to unlock Nezglekt.

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