Tower Of Fantasy Gift Guide, Where To Find Gifts & Favourite Gifts

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Hotta Studio. The characters in this game are known as Simulacra and each Simulacra has its own special types of weapons. You need to unlock these characters and their weapons to be able to use them ingame. Apart from unlocking these Simulacra to make them stronger, you need to increase their Awakening points by giving them gifts. Below you will find everything related to gits in TOF.

Tower Of Fantasy Gift Guide

There are various Simulacra in this game that you can unlock by using the gacha mode. Once you unlock a Simulacra you will be able to increase their proficiency and unlock traits. The best way to increase it is by giving them gifts. Giving them gifts increases the awakening points and unlocks new character files from the archive and also unlocks various traits that will increase your character power.

Tower Of Fantasy How To Find Best Gifts

Once you go to the Simulacra page from the menu and select a specific Simulacra, then select the story option from the left side menu and go to the gift menu. There you will find the type of gifts each character likes. Some will like the Limited edition item while some love games or figurines.

Tower Of Fantasy Where To Find Gifts

Gifts can be found from the item vendor located in the second town called Banges. But these gifts are of a common level and don’t increase many awakening points, but you will be able to buy two gifts weekly using your coins.

The second place to buy gifts will be from the crystal dust store. There you will be able to obtain rare gifts for your characters from the gift boxes.

How To Obtain Crystal Dust

Crystal dust is used to buy gift boxes and modules. To obtain crystal dust you need to spend your vitality points in the adventure menu. In the adventure menu, you can go to the select option and complete any operation or exploration to obtain crystal dust.

Tower Of Fantasy Best Gifts For Each Simulacra

  • Zero – New Game Console
  • Huma – Angela Ornament
  • King – Crow Token
  • Crow – Limited Tata Figurine
  • Crow – Aida Comic
  • Tsubasa – Plush Toy
  • Shiro – Silver Cookware
  • Bai Ling – Snow Globe
  • King – Warren Fossil
  • Echo – Aida Comic
  • Pepper – Angela Ornament
  • Hilda – Limited Tata Figurine
  • Meryl – Warren Fossil
  • Nemesis – Angela Ornament
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