Farthest Frontier- Storage Guide And How To Use It Efficiently

Farthest FrontierIn Farthest Frontier new players who are diving into this genre might get overwhelmed with tons of features. Storage buildings are supposed to be where people can store various types of items so that they can be used it later on when they need them. Simplifying one at a time, in this guide we have featured how many types of Storage buildings are there and what are their advantages.

Storage Guide And How To Use It Efficiently In Farthest Frontier

The placement of storage is absolutely important to maximize the productivity and distribution of your resources. Meaning when you have a lower travel time, your efficiency is increased. Build roads around it and connect them in such a way that your Market and Production houses almost have an equivalent distance to the storage between them. The list of available storage that you need to mind at the early stage is as follows:

Storage Cart

The early mobile storage that has a low storage capacity which is super useful when your farmers are out constructing a building or working on some structures. They might need the raw materials and instead of them walking all the way out to collect them and move back all the way, it would be better to park the Storage Cart closer filled with the resources needed so that you can complete the project quickly and efficiently.


It is a stationary storage building that offers better storage capacity if compared to the Storage Cart. It is necessary to store raw and produced materials such as logs, stones, and planks in an area near to where they will be accessible to your laborers easily.


It can store all items and has a higher capacity, however, it is recommended to keep food and raw resources in different storages. The food spoil rate is faster in Storehouse than in the cool Root Cellar. Make sure that it is not placed far away as the travel time might reduce the efficiency of your laborers.

Root Cellar

A partially underground structure i.e. used to store food at a reliable temperature, reducing the rate of spoilage. Upgrade the Root Cellar to decrease the rate of spoilage and it ranges from herbs to food, anything i.e. consumable.

What You Need To Know

You can build multiple storages in civilization as the resource production can be overwhelmed if you are doing it right. Though the main reason is to organize your resources around the storehouse or storage. You can assign what type of resources you need to accept on each storage as it also allows you to check specific storage for the number of raw resources that holds. For example- a Storehouse dedicated to raw materials and another storehouse for produced materials, etc.

You can prioritize the resources and if there is scarcity, you can move or relocate the building easily somewhere closer to the farming vicinity as demolishing or salvaging will return only half of the resources. For more informative guides on Farthest Frontier, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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