Tower Of Fantasy How To Unlock Mechbird & Get All 4 Parts

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy, is an RPG based on comics fiction, and fantasy. It is actually a free-to-play action-based game developed by Hotta Studio. The game is set on an extra-terrestrial planet named “Aida” excreting mysterious energy called Omnium after the cataclysm that nearly wiped the entire human race off the planet.

The plot behind this incident is that in 2316, there was an expedition to Aida in order to seed the human race over the planet due to the inhabitable earth ecosystem has been collapsed. Thanks to the discovery of the comet Mara in 2653, which had the potency of holding the energy Omnium which made human civilization grow faster.

To harness and capture the power of the comet, the Tower of Fantasy was built but after 5 years after the completion of the tower, there was an explosion that eradicated the human race and mutated many living organisms while irradiating the planet, Aida. That’s how, after 50 years of this event, the protagonist has to fight with mutant creatures and hostile forces in order to survive and the story begins.

Tower Of Fantasy How To Get Mechabird

Thus, in this game, while advancing in the story, you need to complete the quest, venture for weapons, and built vehicles in order to move from place to place. It will be interesting to note down that as the developer company is Chinese, thus this game holds a Chinese version of itself and this version has some unique features that no other versions carry. One such feature is the Mechabird mount. Like other mounts viz, voyager, dust wheeler, chaser, monacross, etc. This vehicle is a mechanical bird that has four parts to be collected and put together.

These are the head, torso, legs, and core. These parts are special rewards for the Road Strife Global Launch event. These parts are acquired during the 4th week of the event and you can keep a track of them; collect those parts and reunite them to form the mount.

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