Tower of Fantasy- How to Get Dust Wheeler Mount

Tower Of FantasyTower of Fantasy, developed by Hotta Studio, is a freetoplay open world action RPG. The player wonders inside the fiction world Aida and comes across different mutant creatures and hostile forces, sometimes defeating them. There is also a provision to roam inside the fictitious world Aida using rovers and vehicles viz, Falcon, 2613, Monocross, Voyager, Omnium Beast VII, Chaser, Mechbird, etc. One such vehicle is Dust Wheeler. Sounds cool, right? This is vehicle is so prestigious and elegant not only due to the process of search for the vehicle but also due to its design and features. About its features later in this post, first, let us shall discuss where to find this vehicle. This guide will help you deal with it. So, without any further ado, lets get started.

How to Get Dust Wheeler Mount In Tower Of Fantasy

Often when we need to get a vehicle, the manual either says to collect and assemble its parts or complete the particular quest to unlock the vehicle. Peculiarly, this mount doesnt need any yet it becomes one of the harder mounts to get unless you get engaged in the PvP battles. First and foremost, you need to participate in the APEX League and battle with various players to get the tier of Grand Marshal. The vehicle gets unlocked only after you have reached to the specified tier.

Note: This vehicle is just a normal like others are because this vehicle symbolizes the skills or the amount in your purse, that is how it is not worth unlocking. The post level 30 of the PvP will get bitter and bitter, using some more advanced machines and weapons might be a use, unless it will cost you a lot as it is a pay to win PvP.

Features of the vehicle: The vehicle is specialized with a single massive wheel that encloses the sitter that has a vivid resemblance with one of the voyager in Star Wars. For more informative guides, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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