Cult Of The Lamb- How To Move And Relocate Buildings

Cult of The LambIn Cult Of The Lamb when we are allowed to build our own cult from the beginning after recruiting a follower, there were not many thoughts given when we placed structures/buildings randomly. As the day passed and your cults start to grow and learn new buildings after investing it with the help of Divine Inspiration. Now, your cult looks unorganized, and is there any way to organize it without anything getting destroyed then the answer is “Yes”. You will learn an important feature till the guide completes.

How To Move And Relocate Buildings In Cult Of The Lamb

To move and relocate the buildings according to your style, you will need to move and interact with the building that allows you to build new structures. After opening the “Build” structure, you will notice that there are 3 major types of buildings i.e. Follower, Faith, and Decorations. On the same page, you can notice that there is a button available to Edit Buildings.

Move BuildingsStart editing the building and a hammer icon will allow you to move or remove the building or any type of structure as shown in the image above. You can move the plot or any structure to accommodate new structures later that are unlocked using Divine Inspiration for more efficiency. Any given time make use of your followers and assign them tasks so that they are not freeloading. For more informative guides on Cult Of The Lamb, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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