Tower Of Fantasy How To Defeat Frigg, Can You Defeat Her?

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy, an online massively multiplayer online role-playing game inspired by Genshin Impact, has just been released. While players can find some elements of Genshin Impact in this game, it also offers some uniqueness, such as the mounts, weapons, character gears, matrices, and much more. After crossing the first island through the river, you will come across the town called Banges. There while finding Zeek you will have to fight a character called Frigg whom you need to defeat. Below you will find how to defeat her or can you defeat her?

Tower Of Fantasy Can You Defeat Frigg?

Once you encounter Frigg for the first time, you will engage in a battle with the. The quest requires you to defeat “Frigg” but once you deal enough damage and make her health bar half. Her resistance and defense will increase drastically resulting in very less damage from your weapon.

No matter how much you dodge her and deal damage, you won’t be able to defeat her in this quest. Even if she couldn’t defeat you the cutscene will come where the main character is defeated by her and goes unconscious. Your weapons will deal very less damage such as 30 or 40 and her health bar won’t drop.

The second time you can encounter Frigg is when you reach level 26. After reaching level 26 you will unlock a challenge called Bygone phantasm. The Bygone Phantasm is a tower-based challenge where you need to defeat enemies on each level to proceed to the next one.

You can encounter her in any of the boss levels where there will be only one enemy. There you can defeat her to exact your revenge. You will also unlock various rewards after clearing the levels.

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