Cult Of The Lamb- How To Farm Gold Coins

Cult of The LambAt Cult Of The Lamb, there are various resources we need to focus on farming, whereas among these resources; Gold coins or Gold Nuggets seem to be one of the most important resources that we can accumulate. Gold coins are needed when you want to build a structure or even recruit followers. There are many ways to farm gold coins and you choose to decide which of the methods you prefer after reading the guide.

How To Farm Gold Coins In Cult Of The Lamb

Whenever we complete a chamber that earns us a Treasure Chest, one thing that’s common would be Gold coins. So, the primary source of earning Gold coins remains the same which is through completing dungeons. However, if you do not have time to invest on a run due to some issues in Cult, there are other ways in which you can earn with little time investment.

Playing Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack. Unlock other characters with whom you can play Knucklebones for more difficulty and higher bets. A game of Knucklebones can last up to 30 seconds to 90 seconds which is perfect if you are trying to earn quick money.

Refining gold Nuggets into gold coins. Gold nuggets can be found in the dungeon run. The amount might be low but why should we argue when we are getting free gold chunks. Similarly, while talking to your followers you can collect Taxes every single day. However, avoid any chances of your followers converting into the traitor as they will hurt you when they leave with some of your valuable resources in need.

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