Cult Of The Lamb- How To Farm Or Mine Stones Quickly

Cult of The LambAt Cult Of The Lamb, combat and colony sims both are infused perfectly so that each second can’t be wasted. While you are away from the cult they would function normally as they do every single day. Therefore assigning them tasks before going on an expedition might seem the most efficient value you can squeeze out from a follower. However, once the raw resources are depleted, make sure they are well fed and live on hygienically. As you advance, you will need to build multiple structures and they require more stones and advanced resources. In this guide, we have explained how you can economically do well with the constant flow of raw materials.

How To Farm Or Mine Stones Quickly In Cult Of The Lamb

Stones can be mined similarly farmed with the same method as of lumber. We need to reach Cult II and unlock the Mine Stone and assign followers. In the beginning, it will require few raw resources to build one but the output is much higher than the input cost. Build 3-4 Mine Stone to let the followers mine and keep on a constant flow of work or supply chain.

Farming stones in the dungeon is not a bad deal, especially when you are low on stones. Mostly we look for bones and grass in each chamber, however, there would be a specific chamber that contains  Stone in one of the paths. Seeking new Followers should be the goal as the amount of recruitment is still low and apart from converting the followers, you can only purchase one from the spider for lots of Gold coins.

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