Cult Of The Lamb- How To Farm Lumber Or Woods Quickly

Cult of The LambIn Cult Of The Lamb, we are growing our own cult where the followers whom we recruited are living peacefully. Sometimes they can be messy and destroy the proper hygiene of the area where as a cult leader, you have a responsibility to look after it. After gaining enough devotion to gain a point of Divine Inspiration, you can unlock or learn many structures that will improve their living style. However, as we have exhausted all the mines and lumbers in our area at the beginning this might looks like a dire situation where resources seem scarce. Therefore, in this post, we have explained how to farm the lumber efficiently.

How To Farm Lumber/Wood Quickly At Cult Of The Lamb

Lumber can be collected after chopping trees or farming in the dungeons. However, it cannot be your main source of farming lumbers. To farm lumbers, you will need to invest a point of “Divine Inspiration” early on Shrine or Temple at Lumberyard”. After learning Lumberyard, you will need to build a few resources i.e. mentioned below:

  • Lumber x15
  • Gold Coins x30

Once you have enough resources to build a Lumberyard, assign a follower who has better traits to Chop Trees. Build 3 Lumberyard and you will have a constant supply of lumber. For more guides on Cult Of The Lamb, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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