Cult Of The Lamb- How To Deal With Rebels Or Traitors Dissenting

Cult of The Lamb

In Cult Of The Lamb as we gain followers and satisfy everyone’s needs to maintain their Cult’s Faith to the optimum level. We might slip down and get sloppy when we ignored our cult’s Faith level. One or two might become traitors and start influencing other loyal followers with their beliefs. There are multiple ways to deal with them and therefore we have compiled everything in this guide.

How To Deal With Rebels Or Traitors Dissenting In Cult Of The Lamb

Once they are displeased with their living condition, they start losing faith. To manage that, you will need to keep a few things in check i.e.

  1. Time flow is normal (which means the time spent in the dungeon does not pause time on your cult).
  2. Keep your food resources in check.
  3. Do Rituals strategically; for example, when there is a shortage of food, perform Feasting Ritual or Ritual Fast depending on your Doctrine.

Once they are turned into Traitor, you can daily Re-educate Dissenter. If you have not built a Prison, you can’t isolate him from other followers and the chance of influencing others will still be a threat. If the Traitor’s meter would fill up completely, he will run away stealing some of your resources. To avoid that, you can kill him in a pretense of a ritual and sacrifice if there is no way of imprisoning the traitor.

Other than that make sure that the faith remains high. Perform a ritual that can max up your Faith and lock it down so it does not descend to clear the dungeons and defeat the boss. For more guides on Cult Of The Lamb, click the link below:

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