Tower Of Fantasy- How To Re-Roll And Get SSR Simulacrum

Tower Of FantasyTower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG, developed by Hotta studio in which players can reroll to get better gacha pull rates. For the best gacha pull in the game, you will need to reroll. Rerolling in this game, makes you access the gacha banners, that might take more time than usual rerolling processes; it is a bit tedious. The TOF account cannot be reset or deleted thus you need to create accounts; well making accounts is very tiresome. Thus, to get rid of this, follow this guide to reroll with ease. So, without any further ado lets get started.

 As said earlier, you can need to make a few dummy accounts; make sure not to use your preferred user name in those dummy accounts rather give random names to them as you can use names only once. Through these, you can pull up to 30 at max. In order to maximize your rerolling potential, there are specific times when you need to reroll a new account, i.e., the 180 days after the release of the game to get the preregistration bonuses.

How to Reroll In Tower Of Fantasy

Start the game with the account registration. Play the prologue quest and choose to name your character. Skip the games intro and move forward to get control over the character. Play through the tutorial till you reach the main hub in Aldia. Once you get your controls back on the character, complete the tutorial the chain of tutorials with Shirli in Aldia. You can skip the Character Creation part and come back later for it.

After that quickly kill the robots to unlock exploration in Aldia and the Ecological Station mission which further unlocks Gacha. Talk to Scrapper in Astra Omnium Tower to start the mission. Once reached to the spot, kill 5 hyenas over there. Once the enemies are eliminated talk to Scrapper to unlock the first Simulacrum and the Gacha system.

Click the icon in the topright corner of the screen to access rewards. Claim the rewards of 10
Gold Nuclei in the Side by Side 1; 10 more Gold Nuclei after you have claimed the reward on the
Preregistration Milestones. Follow the steps in the Early Game Gold Nucleus section to gather 10
more Gold Nuclei. Access the Special Orders screen and roll the 30 Gold nuclei on the Weapon
Galore banner; if you get the SSR of your choice unless roll again!! You can get bonus Gold/Black Nuclei after linking Twitch or redeeming these codes.

This is one of the tedious processes to rinse and repeat as it is complete RNG. However, as the game is still new and before the new contents are released, it is easier to reroll now than wait till new characters and weapons are added. For more guides on Tower Of Fantasy, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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