Tower Of Fantasy- Redeem Codes & How To Get More Free Drops

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, resources are abundant but when gachas or draws are involved any amount of resources seems low. Even if you get a favorable or desired Simulacrum/Character and weapons, they can be further augmented or upgraded to a higher version. To unlock new resources, you will be dependent on the Gacha system to obtain SR or higher rarity SSR characters/weapons. To open Gacha we need Nucleus and that can be obtained in-game with or without microtransaction. In this article, we have explained additional ways to obtain Nucleus and other rewards for free.

By Redeeming Codes In Tower Of Fantasy

There are free working codes that can be redeemed in-game to obtain specific resources. To redeem the code, you will need to open the Gift Box that should be present on the top ride widget. Next, select “Rewards” positioned at the bottom page. Under that go on to the Exchange where you can enter Redeem Code that has been presented below to get the following rewards.

  • ILOVETOF1 Gold Nucleus and Weapon Battery II x5
  • TOF666SR’s Relic Shard Box x1 and Gold x8888
  • TOF888Crispy Grilled Fish x10, 1 Black Nucleus and Gold x8888

After entering the code, you will obtain the rewards via mail. Hurry, before it expires.

Collecting Drops From The Twitch

You must first log in to the twitch account. Next, you will need to click on your profile and “Drops“. Next, select “All Campaigns” where you can see the list of all games for whom drops are enabled currently. Under that select “Tower Of Fantasy“.

You might have to hurry as it will last till Aug 14, 2022. Each region or country would have its time slot displayed. Next, under that, you will need to connect or link the TOF account to enable the drops. Once connected, you can watch the TOF streams and enjoy the drops as mentioned:

  • Gift Pack I: Black Nucleus x1 and Vanguard Trailblazer x1. (0.5 hours watch time)
  • Gift Pack II: Dark Crystal x50 and Random SR Relic Shard Box x5. (1 hour watch time)
  • Gift Pack III: Dark Crystal x100 and Random SR Relic Shard Box x10. (2 hours watch time)
  • Gift Pack IV: Gold Nucleus x1 and Random SR Relic Shard Box x15. (3 hours watch time)
  • Gift Pack V: Gold Nucleus x2 and Illusory Link x1. (4 hours watch time)

For more guides on Tower Of Fantasy, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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