Tower Of Fantasy- How To Break The Rock Wall To Get Treasure

Tower Of FantasyTower Of Fantasy is a new MMORPG game developed by the Perfect World, Hotta Studio, and Level Infinite, published by the Perfect World and Level Infinite. The game is similar to the style of Genshin Impact however, what gives them an edge is the character customization and models which is close to almost anime-like. New weapons and weapon-imbued abilities with any available elemental attacks are a replacement to the solution where the party does not have to choose any specific characters to deal with specific elemental attacks. It let the TOF players to play aggressive or passive according to their playstyle and strategy with specific weapons. However, any weapon or elemental fused weapon cannot break the Rock Wall which we might notice quite early when we are allowed to run outside the base. Do not get me wrong the wall is breakable but for that, you will need to deal damage as we have mentioned.

How To Break The Rock Wall To Get Treasure At Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of FantasySlowly after the Tutorial phase, the game teaches us the mechanic while completing the story. We learn how to unlock teleport waypoint and how to unlock and dwell weapon. One of the major things we learn is about the Relic. Specific relics are obtained from completing the specific ruins and one such relic can be used to break tougher walls. “Missile Barrage” which we will obtain after completing the Ruin A-01.

Equip Missile Barrage on one of the active slots to use it on the Rocky Wall to break and expose one of the Supply Pod and a triangular chest. Collect Black and Gold Nucleus, and Supply Pods, to continue exploring all the Ruins to deliver progress of the certain maps.

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