Sea Of Thieves How To Become Captain, Name & Rename Ship

Sea Of Thieves

Sea of thieves got one of the best updates recently that players all over the world have been waiting for. Now you can be a captain of your own ship and the damages that your boat gets during the voyage will now be saved between the sessions. The game is one of its kind and no wonder any other game will give you the fair feel of the pirates of the Caribbean and the enthralling experience of being like a jack sparrow, having your own ship, looting the seas, and broody maritime ship wars. This time our guide for the newbies who are all pumped up for becoming the captain and owning their own ship.

Sea of Thieves Name Your Ship

Buying a ship to become a captain is not that easy, you need to have a sufficient amount of gold. It can be one of your most expensive purchases in the game. You should keep in mind that your ship’s name is a deal to think about. Firstly it going to be engraved on your captain’s cap, on a wooden board on the ship. Secondly, it’s charged to rename it. Naming for the first time is completely free and you got to give a 20-character name at maximum. Hence it’s highly recommended to name it the perfect way!

Now let’s think about the fact that you were all curious to set your voyage start and put on the sails and take your ship to water. And in the hurry, you just gave the next nearest pet name which definitely doesn’t go with your vintage water crusader. So worry not guys you have all your audacity given to you to rename your ship. But the catch is, you need to have the right stuff that would enable you to do it and it’s paid !!

Rename Your Ship

It’s the in-game purchase you have to make, in order to make renaming possible. It’s quite easy to locate to purchase it. Head to the outpost and search for “Pirate Emporium”, which you can access from the main menu as well. Interact with the shopkeeper and navigate through the captaincy tab to find the remaining deed. It will cost you 499 ancient coins or $5.49. Now you can easily rename your ship by getting to the main menu and entering my ships tab and there you could click on the rename option to change the name.

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