Green Hell How to Catch, Tame, & Increase Animal Trust

green hell

Green Hell just got a new update with new items to craft. This update, allows you to capture, tame,  and breed several animals which in deed has raised the players’ interest in playing this game again. This game tends you to deal with different floras and faunas, construct a shelter and search for the reason why they have been thrown into the jungle.

Green Hell How To Craft Blowpipe

First and foremost, you need to craft a blowpipe using 1 long bamboo and 2 ropes. Now find a suitable place to build a frog stretcher; after finding one, put the stretcher and search for blue frogs. Catch them alive and put that frog into the stretcher. Craft some darts using 1 bamboo stick and 1 fiber. Show those darts to the stretcher to get them poisoned. This will unlock the blueprint for the animal pen. Place the pen in the best suitable area for you; fetch sticks to complete the pen.

How To Catch Animals

After these arrangements, fetch for Capybara, Peccary, and Tapir to tame. Use your blowpipe and shoot these animals with those poisoned darts. They will run away yet after some time they will faint. Follow their trait and get near them; press and hold E to tie them and carry them back to your shelter.

How To Increase Trust

Now build the Feed troughs and Water troughs inside the pen. Feed those animals with leaves and fruits regularly; unless they will die due to hunger within 1 to 2 days. Cassava bulbs are the easiest way to satisfy the hunger of these animals. Just like that, animals need water; but you don’t need to fetch water for the animals in rainy seasons, because the Water throughs get filled automatically. Once an animal is harmed inside the pen will make the trust level of each animal go down, eventually losing the trust of every animal.

The trust of each animal gradually grows over time.

  • If the trust level is above 30, the animal will recognize you and won’t run away.
  • If the trust level is above 70, you can pat the animal.
  • If the trust level goes beyond 90, you can call your animal by pressing E (remember, once the animal goes out of the pen, the trust level will rapidly decrease, making no sense of calling the animal).
  • When the trust level reaches 95, the animal will have the ability to reproduce. The breeding time will be 4 game days.

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