Multiversus How To Use Taunt/ Emote & Obtain Them

MultiVersusMultiversus a game developed by Player First Games is a world where the characters from Warner Bro’s studio spawn-like timelines have collided with each other. This game is a game of nostalgia as it includes characters from our childhood as well as recent superhero characters. Thus, it has enhanced the ecstasy among gamers. Meanwhile, each character has its unique fighting style and has been directly adopted from their movies. The taunt here refers to the mental damage that can be given to the opponents and show off the mastery over the character.

Multiversus How To Use Emote

The main concern here is whether you are using a controller or a classic mouse and a keyboard. If you are using a controller, then you can press any direction on the d-pad to use the corresponding emote. Those who use a keyboard can press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to emote their currently equipped taunts. Each character has its unique taunts and by default, there is always a taunt already equipped, so, controller players can press ‘up’ on the D-pad. The maximum number of taunts each character can possess is 4 so choose them wisely. That’s all about using emotes.

Multiversus How To Get Emotes

Go to the main menu, select the collection tab on the left side of the screen; select the desired character to check their unlocked items and stickers and usable emotes through keyboards or controllers. The player equips emotes to the empty sections and can use them further in the game. This is how you add more emotes to the character. Warner Bro’s has filled the game with excitement and gave a chance to their fans to get accustomed to the characters they are fascinated with. Gleamium is the ingame currency of the Multiversus that can also be used to get emote and taunts. These currencies can be bought using real money or the founder edition.

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