Xenoblade Chronicles 3 How To Unlock Zeon

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is no wonder that something extra that every gamer has ever wished for. The massive open world experience, and the large array of characters with an immersive storyline, a classic “everything” a game would have to quench your thirst. This time we are here to give to you a little part of the big epic, unlocking Zeon. And right here you are reading our article, congratulations on reaching this phase of the game. We are here now to give a smooth way out through the game and make it possible to summon Zeon and make him a part of your clan.

Guardian Defender class

Certainly, Zeon belongs to the defender class of heroes called the Guardian Commander. No wonder if you have got past Valdi you have already made your gates open for a plethora of variation heroes. The Guardian Commander class excels at being defensively focused and best at taking up a lot of hit points. If you plan to battle the hardest enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, then won’t want to miss this setup. Xenoblade 3 roughly categorizes its heroes into, attackers, defenders, and healers.

And guardian commander belongs to the defender class but with attacker traits. They could be called a really amazing addition since they can take up both roles.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 How To Unlock Zeon

You can unlock characters like Zeon from the game’s inception. And along with heroes you are recruiting the classes as well. So by the time we are well eligible to unlock the characters. There will now be a few new subjects to learn about from locations like Colony 4. This procedure will have been explained to you previously in the game.

Basically, in settlements, unique yellow message boxes will appear above the heads of various NPCs. After hearing what they have to say, select “Discuss” at a rest area to open a new sub-quest. Which is named “ where the heart is “.As soon as you reach the nearby quest location, get ready to battle Zeon. As long as your group is level 19 or above, which it most likely to be at this point, if you are ready for that, you can easily take up Zeon. After that as the Agnus force attacks, Zeon will serve alongside Noah as well as the crew at Everblight Plain in an effort to defeat the whole Agnus Strike Force.

But even after that, the catch is you still have one fight left for having Guardian commanders on your side. While returning back, you will be attacked by Mobius B rather than ambushed. And for defeating the boss, you better grade up to level 24. And when the boss is defeated The Guardian class and Zeon are all yours to play.

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