Inside The Backrooms How To Find The Elevator Code

Inside The Backrooms

Inside the Backrooms is a multiplayer creepy-pasta first-person game in which you need to escape from endlessly generating office rooms. This loge “run and survive” and “they can hear you” says it all. Each time you crack a code for the respective room, the difficulty rises and the creatures will toy you till you find the clues. The first and foremost problem you will face is finding out the code for the elevator, which many find difficult. This guide will help with that. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Inside The Backrooms Elevator Code

The clue is simple yet complex. You can find a note next to the elevator but it isn’t of any use as there are no numbers and positions to fit in the clue. Next find out eight square walls in the elevator room, divided into four in each row. The faces of walls residing over each row facing each other will have numbers. The left will have randomly generated numbers in random order but the right walls will contain numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in random as well. Go around the right-side walls, you will find the hashtags scribbled on them. This total setup indicates that the numbers on the left-side walls will be placed in sequence with reference to the right-side walls.

If one of the left side walls is scribbled with a number 4 and subsequently there is a number 1 on the right-side wall, then the first digit of the code is 4. For the second search for the number 2 on the right side walls. Once you find number 2, look at the wall facing the number, and you will get the number to be placed in the second position. Let it be 1. So, the code becomes “41”. Now do this for more than 2 numbers. You will get your elevator code. That’s exactly what the note was saying.

Note: On the left side wall you will find the code, while on the right wall you will find the sequence in which you need to put the code.

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