Xenoblade Chronicles 3- How To Change Time Of Day

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Monolith Soft has once again proved its supremacy in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They have built a fantastically unique world and a massive compelling JRPG adventure that is smoother at the start and grows bigger and deeper into crazier amazing adventure missions and ruthless battles as it goes from both stories to gameplay elements. Since we really want you to enjoy the game, your way!! If you haven’t played previous entries, that’s fine. Someday we need to start and you can start from here just like us. Story wise this is a pretty much self-contained story. On a pretty sum up this one leans really heavy on sci-fi.

The vibe is totally different and it’s awesome; from weaponry to warfare, to different colonies and really commendable robot works. This adventure is really a hit-off featuring warring groups, fearsome creatures, massive landscapes, and tons of weird, spooky mythical, bad guys.

How To Change Time Of Day At Xenoblade Chronicles 3

However, we are here with another objective for the game: knowing how to change the time of day. Every player should be aware of how to change the time in JRPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 because a lot of the in-game confrontations, loot drops, objectives, activities, and other things happen only at specific times of the day. While the game will allow players to experience a day and night cycle while playing the game nonstop. So here is a small guide.

Alternatively, you can either choose any Location on the gameplay and press the L or R keys to cycle through the following predetermined times of the day noon, Sunrise, sunset, evening, mid-day, or by selecting the “Change Time tool”, which you may access from the System menu. All you got to do is, pause the game by clicking X and then select the system preferences and open the change time button and then select your time preferences.

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