Xenoblade Chronicles 3- How To Chain Attack Complete Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we can deal devastating damage that perhaps does not have any cap on to it. You can deal from a million to 20 million damage to a boss or enemy depending on how you use the feature and the option given to you. Instead of having a party of 3 unlike previous Xenoblade series, we can have a party member of 7. The Chain Attack can be used after filling up the meter gauge present on the right side of the screen, however, simply using and maximizing efficiency are totally 2 different things. Therefore we have compiled this guide in order to understand how the Chain Attack works.

Chain Attack Complete Guide For Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once you press the Chain Attack and Start selecting the Chain Orders, you need to make sure that all of your party members are alive. We need efficiency and if one of the party members is absent then you are not going to inflict as much damage as it is supposed to do. To use a Chain Attack, it should be initiated when the enemy is either launched, toppled, or dazed to maximize the damage as the chain attack will take place at that instance.

Chain Orders And Tactical Points

The Chain Orders are random and every time you will have an option to select any one of the chain attack from the given three option. After successful Chain attack completion i.e. to reach 100% TP, the character will perform the special move at the end of the round and the bonuses will be applied.

During the Chain Attack, you might see the base Tactical Points of all the characters or your party members below. Once the character is selected, it will not be available to you for the rest of the round. However, it is recommended to pick an Attacker type in the beginning as it increases the TP of all party members by up to 125x.

Character Reactivation

A successful Chain Attack occurs when you have accumulated 100% TP or more. The characters used in the round can be reactivated or returned back once you have enough TP. The reactivated character will retain the new TP value carried over to the next round and even higher TP grants you a bonus Damage %. The rating you can get and the number of characters that can be revived are mentioned below:

  • Cool: 100% – 149% (1 Character)
  • Bravo: 150% – 199% (2 Character)
  • Amazing: 200% + (3 Character)
Bonuses Using The Character With Specific Classes

There is a total of 3 types of roles with which we are familiar i.e. Attacker, Defender, and Healer.

  • Attacker: Using an Attacker will increase 125% of TP gain.
  • Defender: Using Defender in the end of the round ensures that the character reactivated would be of highest TP atleast.
  • Healer: Using Healer at the round will cap the TP% to 99% and will not exceed when it is used at the end of the round. It ensures that you can score higher score in TP or rating.

Equipping certain accessories will provide a bonus TP while using the Chain attacks which is pretty useful. The Chain Gauge decreases 1/3rd per Chain Order and if you select the Heroes Orders, then the Chain Gauge will not decrease. Similarly, when the conditions are met then, Ouroboros orders can be used even when the Chain Gauge is depleted which will in return reactivate all the characters from your party.

If you do not know, you can cancel the chain attack and you must avoid it by any means possible. Once you have initiated the Chain Attack, the gauge will be depleted completely and it needs to be filled again. There is no means to retain 1/3 or 2/3 of the remaining gauge which makes it an ALL-IN investment.

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