Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town- All Bachelors

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers Of Olive TownIn Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town we are already enjoying the farming simulator, but we guess you would have already found out it’s not all about farming. The olive town has got more to do with dating, marrying to having kids, and extending your legacy. So this time, the matter of discussion is pretty straightforward i.e. about all the bachelors of the town.

All Bachelors In Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town


The player will get a chance to join Damon while he rides his motorcycle, which he enjoys doing a lot. Damon’s apparent lack of effort in his romance is a major problem. The player is initially largely ignored by Damon, but with Lars’ encouragement, he soon starts to open up to them. In contrast to what his outward behavior would have you believe, Damon has a strong compassion for animals and taking care of them. He shares this love with his family, who run the animal shop.


Players will learn about this loving nature when since he compels them to keep their distance from him in order to stay safe. Although the player can finally convince Iori to let them in so they can defend each other, it is later discovered that he is being trailed by a Ninja. This will require the player some time to fully understand Iori, a sweet spirit with a lot concealed beneath who comes from a distant nation.


He takes his job extremely seriously, and a lot of his activities around being the greatest ranger he can be and rekindling his love of football, which he had to, regrettably, put on hold due to an injury. Ralph is a simple man who enjoys being pleased. It’s challenging to observe any form of relationship between the player and Ralph.


Jack is a caring soul who helps out his family at the Olive Town General Store, however, he is not good at his job. There are a bunch of problems when his professional skill is involved as he has no interest in the town. Once he has the motivation to prove, you will see him grow and see him put in the effort every single time.


Since he is a generous and nice person from the beginning, he allows the player to have the last piece of cheesecake available, which is immensely heartwarming to witness. Emilio is the perfect choice for anyone looking for such a man who cherishes his family, is upbeat and musically talented. He is very passionate about life, especially the water, and still has room for the player.

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