Bear And Breakfast How To Get Coins To Build A Bedroom

Bear And Breakfast

In Bear and Breakfast, the main currency of the game is coins and valuables. With valuables, you will be able to buy decorative items to increase your hotel’s prestige. With coins, you will be able to upgrade your hotel rooms. Below you will find how to build a bedroom and get coins for free at the early game.

Bear And Breakfast Build A Bedroom

After meeting Fin, you can start your own motel business and make a lot of money. But to start the motel business you need first to build a bedroom. The blueprints of the bed, desk, and cabinet will be available on the Pawn Voyage and you can buy them from there using coins.

To build a bedroom in the motel, you need to place the 2×3 tiles on the floor and a door. Inside the room, you need to place a bed to complete the bedroom and start accepting guests. Once you learn the blueprints, it won’t cost you any coin to craft them. You just need the resources that are available all around the map.

If before completing the first bedroom or while buying the bed blueprint from the pawn voyage, you end up buying all the blueprints, you will be left with 50 coins. Now you cannot build a bedroom with 50 coins and there is no way to earn coins before accepting guests. Below you will find where to find the coins before finishing the bedroom.

Bear And Breakfast How To Get Coins

If at the starting of the game before building a bedroom you need coins, visit your mom in the Thicket and interact with her. She will tell you that your pocket money is running low and one day you might come asking for some more. She will give you some coins that will help you build your first bedroom.

Once you have built a bedroom and the front reception desk, you will be able to accept customers. Once the customer leaves the motel, you will earn coins. If you match their comfort and sanity level you will earn some extra coins too.

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