Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town- Olive Crystals Location

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneer Of Olive TownIn Story Of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town aka Sos Poot, you are given a piece of a farm that you need to cultivate, raise cattle, grow crops, and much more. The number of exciting things to do never settles and to do all those things you need a lot of materials to upgrade your tools. While some materials are easy to find some are relatively difficult to get a hold of. Oliver Crystal is one of them and is a precious treasure. It is a crystallized form of olive and can only be found in particular locations.

Olive Crystals Farming Location In Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

First thing first, you can always check in the Earth Sprite Village’s, Sprite Shop where if you are lucky it can be purchased for the price of 100 Sprite Coins per crystal. Wait for the daily refresh or rotation of the item as you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Next, they can be farmed in Area 3 after draining the muddy lakes. However, the chances and the drop rate are too low i.e. you might get a single crystal after scooping the whole area. There’s a higher chance in the Ancient Lake, though it takes time to drain the whole thing it’s usually worth the wait.

You can use the Olive Crystal in various ways like donating them to the museum, using it to repair the Hydroculture Plant (you’ll need 10 Oliver Crystal for this), can be used as a gift for the villagers. Even in a bulletin board to fix the motorcycle, you will need an Olive Crystal as requested by Lars.

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