Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town How To Get A Child


Conceiving a child is possible in the Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town. You can choose your spouse and settle with him while enhancing your grandfather’s farm. There are 10 different candidates you can choose from.

Irrespective of the gender you can date all the 10 candidates. Once you have successfully dated a character, you can now see all 10 of their Heart Scenes, resulting in a marriage proposal. After you get married there will be an option, whether or not you want to get conceived. Thus, this guide will help you with how you can reproduce a child.

Criteria of Having a Child is raising the friendship level with your partner once you are married will help you conceive a child. There will be 5 more hearts that need to be filled with Heart Scenes.

How To Get Child

As you keep on increasing your partner’s heart points, you will unlock some cutscenes. But for that, you need to visit your house before or after a certain time. The first cutscene you will encounter is to decide your child’s gender. Once you reach around 11 hearts with your partner, the next day you will get the cutscene.

To increase your partner’s heart you need to give them a gift that they actually like. For this, you can check out our previous guide on gifts to give to NPC. Increase your partner’s hearts to max which is 15 as after that only you will get a cutscene where the earth sprite will give you the baby.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Child

The traits of the child will be a mixed trait of you and the partner you have chosen. There will be the choice for you to choose his name, once it has been done, there is no provision of change. The child will slowly begin to grow.

  • 30 days since birth- will start to crawl.
  • 76 days since birth- will start to walk.
  • 96 days since birth- becomes a young child and roams around the town.

The child after becoming a “young child”, will stop growing and roam inside the town, and will not contribute to the framework; meanwhile, they can also appear in other towns as tourists.

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