Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town Gift, Best Liked Gifts


Gift giving will raise your friendship level Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town, especially when you get married or have a child. Olive Town makes it simpler than ever to make friends because there are no gifts that are disliked. As a result, you can never go wrong by giving someone a random branch from the ground. Additionally, as your Communication Skill progresses—which you can do by conversing with people and giving them gifts—you will experience an increase in the amount of relationship you make with the local inhabitants.

But it’s preferable to offer people what they want if you really want to get through to their hearts quickly! Giving a particular item to an Olive Town resident will give you a major increase in their friendship than giving them any other item. Each Olive Town resident does have an item, or even several items, that they prefer above others. These things can be anything from meals you’ve prepared in your home to produce from animals to furniture.
Gifts that a character enjoys or loves will increase friendship more than a blade of grass they found while raking their fields. While each villager’s profile page will list all liked/loved/favorite gifts, this guide will concentrate on items that are simple to obtain, such as dishes, so that you can make friends with everyone as quickly as possible.

Moreover, if you want to raise a resident’s friendship level to its maximum, you ought to give them a present on their birthday. Fortunately, accessing the Calendar in your Notebook will quickly provide you with a comprehensive record of the resident’s birthdays. It’s a smart idea to figure out whomever you want to connect with and what you want to give them because you can only offer each individual one gift per day. Particularly considering that you’ll have to look for the villager to deliver the gift.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Gift Guide

  • Blaire – Daisy, Fashionable Bracelet, Rose
  • Bridget – Deluxe Fodder, Eggs, Milk
  • Laura – Olive, Sunflower, Vegetable Juice
  • Linh – Mango, Mango Jam, Tea
  • Reina – Fulgurite, Gibeon Stone, Lemon
  • Emilio – Fashionable Bracelet , Watermelon, Sunflower
  • Damon -Coffee, Alpaca Cloth, Ruby
  • Shiitake – Mushroom, Gaint Bear Carving, Pudding, Jack Chuka Soba,
  • Iori – Matsutake Mushroom, Mysterious Fishing, Bait
  • Ralph – Bread, Pot-Au-Feu, Mixed Soup
  • Angela – Butter, Sapphire, Fashionable Bracelet
  • Dosetsu -Shellfish Soup, Kitsune Udon, Soy Sauce
  • Beth – Curry Rice, Ambergris, Olive Crystal
  • Cindy – Suffolk, Wool Pudding
  • Georg – Egg, Salad
  • Clemens- Mont Blanc, Orichalcncer, Fruit Compôte, Jewelry Locket
  • Jacopo – Jewelry Locket, Fruit Perfumeñ, Pizza
  • Jason – Cookies, Jewelry Locket, Hibiscus,
  • Jeanne- Powder, Floral Perfume, Emerald
  • Jessie – Honey, Pudding
  • Shiitake – Mushroom, Karina Fashionable, Bracelet
  • Ruby- Lars Fashionable Bracelet, Tea, Jewelry Ring
  • Lovett – Acquaa Pazza, Fashionable Bracelet, Tomato Juice
  • Manuela – Emerald, Jewelry Locket, Pineapple
  • Marcos – Grilled Fish, Clam Chowder, Mikey Banana
  • Gibeon – Stone, Pizza,
  • Misaki – Lemon, Rainbow Bouquet, Moonlight Nocturne
  • Nguyen – Mysterious Bait, Sunflower, Fish Bait
  • Nigel – Brick Maker, Egg Sandwich, Lumber Maker
  • Norman- Backed Apple, Mysterious Bait, Fish Bait, Potato Salad
  • Patricia – Jewelry Locket, Peach, Rabbit Fur
  • Raul – Fashionable Bracelet, Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise Maker
  • Sally – Jewelry Ring, Orange, Tea
  • Simon – Pudding, Shiitake Mushroom
  • Sydney – Black Rose, Tomato Juice, Yoghurt
  • Victor – Cooked White Rice, Melon, Splendid Street Lamp

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