As Dusk Falls All Characters Endings & Who Might Die In The End

As Dusk Falls

As the dusk falls, could really be a freaky game or call it a thriller family drama soap cum video game with really unusual twists and turns but the catch is, you are the story writer whose decisions are all that lies to set the course of gameplay. This game can rather be summed up as an intelligent algorithm of permutations and combinations where the algorithm framework is wisely put down by the production team INTERIOR/NIGHT about the small family in the suburbs of Arizona well tinted with the Hollywood hue of a mature instance of murder, suicide and unrest to brutal illicit views of deathbeds, unruly sociopathic monologues. But then gamers, disclaimer note: Maybe this game can shake your neurons for a bit but then the game shall always be a game and the soul notion stands that you enjoy.

So gamers here in this article of As Dusk Falls we are you to give you the most sought endings of different characters and what could be the possible scenarios on that, so buckle up people.

As Dusk Falls Character Endings
Sharon Holt

She runs away to Mexico in one of the conclusions. She escapes with Paul in another. These are contingent upon Paul’s behavior when Dante stops by his trailer. In Sharon’s worst scenario, she gets apprehended while attempting to run and is imprisoned.

2 endings and No deaths


Jay claims in his conversation with Zoe that she can flee to Canada with him, where it is stated that she will break up with him after six years. In the National Park, she and Jay are both subject to arrest. Jay has the option of leaving Vanessa behind at two separate National Park locations, including during his doomed cliff dive to freedom.

If Jay turns himself in, Vanessa might also be freed. This mostly hinges on if Jay is honest about who he is the night just after the party. If Vanessa doesn’t find out through her father knowing Jay is a wanted man, she will stick by Jay through all of the challenges that lie ahead.

5 endings and No deaths


It all depends on one scene to determine whether the Motel manager Joyce is shot and murdered or survives the hostage situation. Tyler shoots her and murders her right there if Vince is unable to calm her during the hostage crisis. If Vince is able to calm her down, she leaves the motel as it is on fire.

2 endings and 1 death


Jay notices Bear’s suicide note and rushes to the shed just as Bear is about to hang himself in silence. He sees Bear hanging there and has the option of either cutting the rope or letting him commit suicide.

2 ending and 1 death

Jay Holt

Three potential scenarios can result in the arrest of Jay. Under one of the instances, he is granted a pardon. In the other, he is put to death. In the third possible scenario, he flees to Canada, but if Zoe doesn’t forgive him, he is eventually reported to authorities. If Jay runs to Canada & is not caught by Zoe, depending on how she reacts to his apologies, he may either live in freedom or commit suicide.

5 endings and 2 deaths

Zoe Walker

Zoe chooses between going to Canada or confronting Jay, who has been writing her letters for the past two years. You can decide whether to sympathize with Jay or confront him about his background before choosing to either call the police on him or not. If Jay gives up, Zoe can visit him in jail and witness his execution.

4 ending and No death


He is held captive and eventually dies in an accident being a captive. He makes it out alive and sues his previous employer, using the funds to start a flight school. He makes it through, enters the NDA, and accepts a routine office position. He separates from his dishonest wife. He pardons his wife for having an affair, and they remain married. He becomes is a miserable widower after the passing of his wife. To make sure Vince doesn’t die, let him escape the car when he is with Jay.

6 endings and 1 death


After being shot, she arrives at the hospital and lives. She manages to get out of the hostage scenario safely. She is shot and passes away. If Vince abandons her or passes away, she carries on and remarries.

4 endings and 1 death

Tyler Holt

If Ash told Dante about the cabin, he can die there. He can also be captured and imprisoned or entirely unbound, and his freedom is rather constrained. He appears to be distant from his family as he silently toils on a distant oil rig. Only if Jay permits Tyler to hurt his leg while they are fighting in the woods he is taken into custody.

3 ending and 1 death


If Vince is still alive at the conclusion, Jim could either be separated from him or still be friendly with him. At the conclusion of the game, he is nonetheless attacked by the mysterious stalker for something that was left. Regardless, the game closes on a cliffhanger that implies Jim has been shot as Zoe is on her way to see him.

2 ending and No death

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