As Dusk Falls How To Save Dale In The Motel?

As Dusk Falls

Holt’s family is one of the main protagonists in the game As Dusk Falls. In the starting chapter only you will get their introductions where you will meet the three Holt brothers Jay, Dale, and Tyler. Even if you don’t like their characters you might think about the circumstances they are in and only trying to help out their family as their father has taken huge debts due to gambling. And not repaying the loan is not the option, so their only choice is to steal from the most corrupt officer of Two Rock.

As the robbery goes wrong, they end up in the motel with other characters. Once when the police and Sherrif Dante surrounded the motel, a lot of negotiations goes on eventually Dale dies in the crossfire. Below you will find is there any way to save Dale or not.

As Dusk Falls Will Dale Survive?

Unfortunately, there is no way to save Dale in the motel. The crossroad that you will eventually come to is where Dale takes Vince hostage and try to negotiate with the police. This is when a sniper dot appears on Dale’s forehead and Vince gets a hint of that.

Now as Vince you get two choices, that is either to let Dale get hit by the sniper and die or warn Dale about the sniper. Even if you choose to warn Dale about the sniper, he only gets saved during the moment.

Later when the Holts ask for a bus to escape the mote. The police take the bus to ram the motel and Dale tries to take Joyce hostage but dies in the crossfire. So no matter whichever choices you make here, Dale will eventually die in the hands of the police. Tyler and Sharon might get saved depending on the choices you make else they might also get killed or end up in jail.

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