Stray- What Is The Digicode For Safe In Midtown

StrayWe are pretty sure you are much enjoying helping your furry feline friend across the neon-lit narrow alleyways of the dystopian colony. Stray invariably has created quite a buzz among the gamers community with its unique approach to the storyline. Witnessing increasing fanbase Annapurna productions really have given in their efforts in formulating the in-game puzzles, immersive display, and the intricate details of the game. For gamers who have already made it through till now with stray, we understand some of the puzzles had been a headscratcher for you but not this time. Finding the passcode to the midtown safe is going to be a cakewalk for you coz with this guide we have tried to simplify it to the best to save your time.

What Is The Digicode For Safe In Midtown At Stray

Unlike the previous puzzles, and more specifically the passcode puzzles of stray definitely had been quite complex to decipher and yes you have needed a real geek to decide it for you too. But finding the midtown passcode and decoding it is all your brain work this time. Congratulations to everyone who has got the code easily but for my friends who haven’t yet, it’s just going to make you laugh a lot after you know the code.


Along midtown main pass way you will come across a disappointed customer named Paoudre, arguing with the shopkeeper. Jump across the counter and enter the shop and towards the back, you shall locate the safe box high in the selves which is easily accessible with some mere jumps. The safebox needs the digicode in order to open up. But for the code, you don’t have to find much, coz it’s directly written on a poster on the partition wall. Which will read as “2458 : edoC“.

The decoded digicode shall now be – Code: 2458. Now all you have to do is reach the safe box on the shelf and enter the code 2458, which will open up and you will obtain the cat batch. For more guides on Stray, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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