As Dusk Falls Hide Or Leave Evidence & With Dad Or Family

As Dusk Falls

In Chapter 1 of As Dusk Falls, later when all three family meets at the motel, Big Sam a police officer visits to get a soda. You will get various choices depending on the rest of the story unfolds. You can either let Big Sam get killed, ask for help, or don’t tell anything to the officer. Below you will find the outcomes of the third crossroad that you will get in the game.

As Dusk Falls Vince Travel With Dad Or Family

Choosing between dad or family has a different consequence at a later part of the game. If you choose the option of traveling with dad or with the circus, then Vince will protect his family, and later Dale cannot take them hostage when Sam the policeman arrives.

If you choose to mention you are traveling with family, then Tyler asks Dale to check the room and when Sam arrives, your family will be held, hostage. Now depending on your choice later the story changes depending on whether you hide or leave the evidence.

Note: If you choose to not tell Tyler about your family, and have decided to take only one room from Joyce, she will help you later by telling Tyler that only 1 room key is missing so Vince is only traveling with his dad.

As Dusk Falls Hide Or Leave Evidence

Now the third crossroad you will come across in the game is to either hide the evidence or leave the evidence. If you choose to leave the evidence, Sam will eventually find out about it either by himself or later Zoe comes and picks up the earing (depending you haven’t revealed about your family to Tyler).

The story unfolds in three ways which are:

  1. Either Big Sam is killed
  2. Big Sam fetched help
  3. Big Sam Left Oblivious

If you decide to hide the evidence and not let Big Sam get suspicious he will leave Oblivious. If Vince asks for help from Big Sam, he will go out and radio other police officers and will fetch help. If Big Sam finds the earrings, gets suspicious, and tries to radio from inside the motel, Tyler will come out and shoot Big Sam.

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