As Dusk Falls Ask Joyce To Back Off Or Quiet Zeus

As Dusk Falls

In As Dusk Falls, different choices lead to different outcomes. Joyce is the owner of the motel where all three families meet together at a later part of the game. There you will get your second crossroad choice where Vince needs to choose either to quiet the dog Zeus or Ask Joyce To Back Off and not rile up Dale. Below you will find the outcome of both choices.

As Dusk Falls Ask Joyce To Back Off

If you ask Joyce to Back Off, you will choose to go through the timeline where you will be reasoning with Joyce. So even after reasoning with her Joyce doesn’t get scared of Dale, instead, she tells “why should I be afraid of some high schooler, you think I’m scared of him?”

After that, you will get three choices, if you choose the option “Don’t you have a son?” she will calm down. If you choose any other such as be reasonable or he will wreck your motel? Joyce will not listen to Vince and will keep on Riling Dale. If Vince couldn’t calm down Joyce, Dale will ask him to shut her mouth using tape. Now you can either tape Joyce’s mouth or refuse to do so. Below you will find what happens if you tape or refuse to tape Joyce.

As Dusk Falls Quiet Zeus

If you try to quiet Zeus instead of telling Joyce to Back off, Vince will hold Zeus in his arms and try to quiet him down. There you will get a quick action to swipe and if you fail to do so, Zeus will run towards Dale to bite him. After that Dale will kick Zeus on the stomach and she will return to Jim and you get the option to either Tape Joyce’s mouth or not.

If you tape Joyce’s mouth then Tyler will come and starts interrogating Vince about all the luggage. If you refuse to tape Joyce’s mouth, Dale will hit Vince’s head with the gun and Vince will pass out. Later Tyler comes and interrogates Vince about the luggage.

If you tell Tyler about your family, then later Dale will take them hostage when policeman Sam arrives. If you tell Tyler it’s just you and your dad, or with the circus, Dale doesn’t take them hostage but they come back from their room to the main lobby where Tyler will see them and get angry that Vince lied.

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