Stray- How To Get Worker Hat And Worker Jacket In Midtown

StrayIn Stray, once we reach Midtown you can explore the area and find out that Neco Corporation is recycling all the wastes and repurposing them. After finding Clementine’s address who is located in the residency area, he will give you a new objective that requires Atomic Battery that is secured in the Neco Corporation’s factory. To infiltrate, you will need to talk to “Blazer” who stands in the alley beside the cloth shop reading a newspaper. He would demand a disguise that requires a Worker Jacket and a Hat, we have explained a complete walkthrough that can get you these 2 items effortlessly.

How To Get Worker Hat And Worker Jacket In Midtown At Stray

At the Residency area, you will find guys in the lobby area where you can collect Cassette Tape. To collect a Cassette Tape, you will need to destroy 3 security cameras. After destroying them and collecting the tape, go inside the cloth shop. In the back room, you will find a cassette recorder where you can play the tape to distract the manager while you steal the Worker Jacket.

Next, we need a Worker Hat and it is impossible to enter as the guy standing out is jumpy and kinda scares us away. To enter the Hat shop, you will need to wake up the worker who is slacking and sleeping in the bar. Wake him up by throwing the crate on his head and follow him through to the Hat shop. There is a box outside the Hat shop where you can hide until the worker takes you inside the shop. Collect or steal the Worker Hat and you have everything right now to advance and collect the Atomic Battery inside the factory.

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