Stray- Atomic Battery Puzzle Solution


At Stray, once you complete the stealth mission and avoid Sentinels successfully to reach where the Atomic Battery is kept inside a restricted area. To enter the area, you will need to roll the barrel inside the laser grid to avoid any damage to the cute intelligent feline. However, once you are inside there are 3 platforms that need to be activated in order to obtain the atomic battery.

Atomic Battery Puzzle Solution For Stray

The solution for activating all 3 platforms would be first, you need to activate the machine that can follow you to the steel grill. Turn it off and climb on top of the machine to jump over the fence. Turn the lever off and take out the machine which was trapped behind.

Now place two of those machines opposite to each other on the platform before rolling the barrel to the final platform. Placing the first two machines on the platform will make way through for the barrel. Once all the puzzles are in place or on the platforms, you can steal the Atomic Battery back to Clementine.

While returning back to the residency, there are various Sentinels looking out for the culprit which is you of course. Avoid them and stealthily proceed if you have any intention of obtaining the Achievement or Trophy “Sneakitty“. For more guides on Stray, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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