Stray All Notebooks Location & Where To Find Them


To help fix Momo transceiver in Stray you need to find the 4 notebooks which reveal about outsiders. The neighborhood’s red-cloaked defender Guardian will mention Outsiders and Momo upon interaction. The notebooks are hidden across the slum and you need to find them as they’ll be helping in fixing the transceiver which will help Momo to communicate with his friends.

Note: To find the notebooks you need to look out for blue smiley face icons in front of the house. Inside those houses, you will find notebooks.

Stray All Notebook Locations

Momo’s Notebook – You can find Momo near the Orange neon sign. You need to show Momo the postcard to acquire the notebook and he’ll hand it to you after saying he’s done with the outside world. B – 12 will advise you to look for the other notebooks after studying Momo’s as you need them to fix the transceiver. You can locate them in a tall building with Outsider’s logo nearby.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook – Heading out and looking towards your left, you’ll notice a tall building with an outsider logo on the top. You need to head towards the roof of the building and remove the energy cell to disable the fan and head inside the apartment. You can find the notebook behind a box near the sofa.

Doc’s Notebook – Doc’s Apartment can be located if you try to find a building with a rooftop having a couch and television on it next to an Outsider’s Logo. Now head inside the apartment and head towards the bedroom. You can find a note on the bed and after translating it you’ll discover that he has the notebook hidden inside a safe behind the nearby pile of books. Your companion will get the code for the safe too. Now head towards the main hall of the apartment and you’ll see a ladder with the notebooks beside it. After shoving some notebooks you’ll find the safe and unlock it with the code you got.

Clementine’s Notebook – This can be found in Clementine’s flat which is just on the opposite side of Momo’s apartment on the top floor. You should be able to see a large outside logo beside the building so you just need to head inside through the window. Pass through the sliding door with square gaps on it and you can find the notebook on a desk near the computer.

After finding all the notebooks you’ll have to head to Momo again and show him the rest of the notebooks. He’ll try to repair the flaw in the transceiver and will succeed using Zbaltazar’s Notebook. Once the transceiver is fixed Momo will ask you to fit it on the tower of the high building. You need to escape Zurk’s and install the transceiver to connect with Momo friends.

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