Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conches Golden Apple Archipelago

Genshin Impact

With a total of 20 Conches, 16 can be found on the Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago 2.8 while the other four are in character domains. These are scattered around the islands and collecting them will reward you with Fischl’s skin, Ein Immernachtstraum. You can collect all the Conches from day 5 of Summertime Odyssey.

Phantasmal Conches are limited-time event items that can only be collected during this event of Archipelago i.e until August 23, 2022. Phantasmal Conches are of two types: Echoing Conches and Imaging Conches. Collecting 16 Conches will reward you the skin but if you want more weapon exp and “Mora” then you can go for collecting all 20.

Note: To find the exact location on the map you can visit the interactive map HERE.

Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conches Location

You can collect a total of 14 Conches on day 1:

Secret Mission Log 1 – You can get this on the base of the mountain on a slope on the northern island of twinning Isle.

Secret Mission Log 2 – This can be found on the top of Twinning Isle.

Secret Mission Log 3 – This one’s located on a Broken Isle resting on some piles of rocks by the beach.

Secret Mission Log 4 – You can find this Conche on the base of the mountain on Broken Isle on a stone.

Secret Mission Log 5 – This can be found between some rocks along the water on Broken Isle.

Secret Mission Log 6 – You can find this Conche in Pudding isle on some rock on the upper side of the island on the beach.

Secret Mission Log 7 – You can get the Conche on the Pudding Isle on some rock on the lower side of the island.

Secret Mission Log 8 – You can get him on Minacious Isle’s base of the mountain on some rock.

Ongoing Mission Image 1 – This one’s on the smaller island on the east side just by the shore.

Ongoing Mission Image 2 – This Conche can be found on the northeast part of the Broken Isle near an abandoned hilichurl camp by the broken steps. The Conche in particular glows in different colors.

Ongoing Mission Image 3 – This one’s right next to the teleport waypoint on top of the mountain.

Ongoing Mission Image 4 – You can find it on the Minacious Isle. It’s in the inner part of the mountain so you have to climb up using the roots and pass through ruins.

Central Camp Image 1 – You can get this on top of the mountain of Minacious Isle. You’ll have to climb using the roots and after obtaining the item there’ll be a cutscene.

Central Camp Image 2 – This one’s available on day 3 and can only be obtained after completing the event “Blazin Trails”. It’s in an underground cave and is only accessible after completing the puzzle of fire pillars. After obtaining it’ll trigger a cutscene.

Central Camp Image 3 – This one’s located on the center east island of the map on some crates.

Central Camp Image 4 – It’s accessible on Twinning Isle only after completing the Summertime Odyssey quest. You need to talk to the three birds which surround the well, throw 3 stones in the well and wait for the water level to rise to get the Conche.

Genshin Impact The Domain Conches:
  • Sojourner’s Song 1: As the Poet Plies Parts of Ether and Earth – It’s located inside of Zazuha’s Domain, the Misty Hills, Foggy Vales, and can be obtained during the summertime odyssey quest 2.
  • Sojourner’s Song 2: As the Virtuoso Vouches for Verity and Valor – It’s inside Xinyan’s Domain, The island’s stirring strings can be obtained while completing the Summertime Odyssey quest 3. You need to go to the door near the frozen soul and solve the puzzles until you get to the final area. A spawned air current will lead you towards the Conche.
  • Sojourner’s Song 3: As the Stars Reveal Secrets – This can only be accessed after story completion in Mona’s Domain and is at the end of the south temple room on a stone brick.
  • Sojourner’s Song 4: As the Noble’s Resolve – It’s available in Fischel’s Domain and is accessible only after completing the Summertime Odyssey quest 4. It should be resting on a table.

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