As Dusk Falls Stay With Michelle or Go With Jim Crossroad

As Dusk Falls

In As Dusk Falls sometimes you get crossroads choices that don’t have any timer but will change the story drastically. There are various types of endings for these characters. The first crossroad choice you will encounter in this game as Vince when he has to choose between his wife and dad. Below you will find the outcome of both of these choices.

As Dusk Falls What Happens If You Stay With Michelle

If you decide to stay with Michelle she will be happy and Vince will give her a massage. Zoe will go out with Jim, Vince, and Michelle will talk about Jim. Michelle will tell Vince that Jim wants to stay with them and she is damn sure.

Vince wants to let Jim stay with them as he has cancer. But Michelle tells Vince that he doesn’t trust Jim, as he was away for so long and only came back 6 months later. Vince will tell her that he has been bouncing off rehabs and is different now. Vince will give a back massage to Michelle and you need to complete the quick actions.

After that Michelle will ask you if Zoe is too smart for her class and need to skip one class and if Vince is okay with it. You will get two choices either to agree with Michelle or deny her.

Note: The crossroad choice or normal choices doesn’t change the story really much and eventually the Holts brothers will storm the motel.

As Dusk Falls What Happens If You Go With Jim

If you choose to go with Jim, he will have a heartful conversation with Vince and tells him how his cancer is growing and he has less than 2 years to live. He would like to move in with Vince and Michelle as they are starting a new life in Missouri.

Here you will get choices two or three times and depending on your answer Jim will reply. He will be sorry for not being a good father and in the end, he will ask if he should move. Either you could choose to ask Michelle or tell him it’s not a good idea. If you choose to ask Michelle, Jim will be happy and ask you Vince to drink with him. If he chooses it’s not a good idea, Vince will tell Jim they cant become roommates from strangers and Jim will be sad.

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