As Dusk Falls School Name Of Vanessa & Wrong Answer Outcome

As Dusk Falls

In As Dusk Falls sometimes you need to remember some small details that might get asked at a later part of the game. Just like you needed to remember the safe code that Tyler gave while going inside the Sheriff’s house. Similarly, in Book 2 first part, you need to remember Vanessa’s school name to not alert his father.

As Dusk Falls School Name

After the accident with the car on the highway, Sharon and Tyler leave Jay alone, somehow he escapes and ends up in front of Vanessa’s house. Vanessa’s father works at a security firm and is quite strict and a control freak.

The answer to the school name is on the letter that Jay reads from the shelves when he wakes up. The name of Vanessa’s that school is Bridgeley. If you answer correctly, Vanessa’s father will not get suspicious of Jay and then you get a choice to either sneak out of the house or say goodbye to Vanessa before leaving. As Jay states his name Dean at the beginning, the school Dean goes to will be the same as Vanessa’s that is Bridgeley.

As Dusk Falls School Name Wrong Answer Outcome

If you give the wrong answer, Vanessa’s dad will correct you by telling you the school name and then gets a little suspicious. After that when Meema calls for help, he gets up to visit her but tells Jay to wait for him to come.

After that, you will get two choices to either tell goodbye or sneak out of the house. No matter whichever choice you choose, Vanessa’s dad will come out and stop you. Then he will tell Jay he told him to stay and why he is leaving. You will get three choices which are taking a walk, have to go home or you are not my dad.

After that, he will notice Jay is wearing his son’s clothes and Jay will have to give an explanation. Here you will also get three choices that are Hit by a car, We were naked, or Shove and Run.

There are three outcomes with Mr. Dorland (Vanessa’s Father) which are:

  1. Left without Alterting Mr. Dorland ( If you name the school correctly)
  2. Convinced Mr. Dorland (Wrong school name but select hit by a car or we were naked)
  3. Shoved Mr. Dorland ( Shove & Run)

As Dusk Falls Vanessa’s Question Answer

When Jay is trying to help with Vanessa’s study, she will ask him a question “Which President signed the 1906 Landmark Antiquities Act, created the Forest Service, and established five National Parks including the Grand Canyon”. The answer to this question is Theodore Roosevelt.

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