Stray- Safe Code Binary Mysterious Password Location


We are pretty sure you are already obsessing over the amazing real-like display quality of Stray and enjoying the new twist of the furry little protagonist of the game. By now you all must have to familiar with your little feline friend is not just an animal but more to that an amazing adventurer on a quest to reunite with its family.

The safe password puzzle can look like a difficult one and a void try in the dark, but no worries guys, we got your back. How even if it looks a headscratcher for you, follow the guide to have the fastest way to have your passcode and open the safe box.

Stray On The Box and Real Geek

So for starters, the safe box is locked and left lost in the slum garbage. You have to interact with the box and obtain the code written on it to decipher the passcode. But rightly it’s mentioned it can only be decided by a real geek. And there enters Elliot, the geek robot that will help you decipher the code.

Finding Elliott

Head across the alleyway through the screen passing the musicians and then go right and follow downstairs to the red neon sign. Go around the corner left from there and stop at the door on your right, it’s with some schematic and red in color. Interact with the door and scratch twice and wait for the robot to open it for you. Enter the hall and take the stairs up where you will meet Elliott. You would find him sitting down staring at the monitor screen. Elliot will help you to decipher the code and tell you the code means “ DUFER BAR”.

Code in Dufer Bar

Now you have to reach the Dufer bar to get the numeric code for the safe box. You can either head back to the same door you entered or interact with the window curtain to open it and exit through the window directly from Elliott’s room. Get to the Dufer bar and jump above to the bar shelf and look towards the red neon “DUFER BAR” hanging. Interact with the picture frame above that and knock it down to reveal the four-digit code that reads “1283“. Get back to the safe box and enter the code. Here we leave you to enjoy your safe box surprise!!

For more guides on Stray, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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