Stray- How To Get Poncho From Grandma And Get Electric Cable

StrayIn Stray, while exploring the Slum you will meet various robots and one of the specific NPC named Grandma at Grandma’s Clothing. She can stitch and craft Poncho for us and at first, it seemed really lovely, and imagining your cat with a cool Poncho was a blessing. For that, she demands for an Electric Cable and so now we have an objective to complete. Finding Electric Cable to get Poncho from Grandma.

How To Get Poncho From Grandma And Get Electric Cable In Stray

There is a Vendor in the Slum who sells an Antique, a Music Sheet, and an Electric Cable. From there we can get Electric Cable in an exchange for Spirit Detergent. If you are intrigued about how to collect all 4 Soda cans from the Vending Machine then we have already made an article for that. To obtain Spirit Detergent, there is only one place where we can get i.e. at the Super Spirit Laundry store.

Once you reach the shop, it is locked, and to access the laundry room, you will need to create chaos. Climb up to the rooftop and scare the working robots who are tossing the paint. Meowing at them will scare and drop one of the paints below in front of the Laundry store where Kosma will be stuck cleaning the stain from the floor.

Enter the laundry store where you will obtain the Spirit Detergent and exchange it with an Electric Cable. Exchange Electric Cable with Grandma with a Poncho, alas which we had a dream of wearing a Poncho will be broken as it is for a robot who might be feeling cold. Proceed through the story and you will know who requires the Poncho or a Blanket. For more guides on Stray, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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