Stray All Vending Machine Location & How To Get 4 Energy Drinks


Slums is one of the first area in Stray where you need to explore to find a way to reach the top. While exploring you will find a market that follows the Barter system to trade items. To buy items from Barterman you will need Energy Drink and Super Spirit Detergent. Below you will find where to get the energy drinks and all vending machine locations.

Stray Energy Drink Speed 2k

Energy Drink Speed 2k is like a can of drinks that you can collect in the slums. These energy drinks act like a currency where it can use as a barter system with the Barterman. The Barterman has a total of three items out of which you could buy 2 using the energy drink.

The first item is an ancient relic, a testament to the talent of their Ancestors that cost 3 Energy drink cans. The other item is a music sheet that is a collectible which costs 1 Energy drink. To find these energy drinks you need to locate the vending machines. There will be a lot of vending machines in the slum but only 4 of them will be working and you can take out only 1 energy drink from each vending machine. Therefore you need to find 4 vending machines. Below you will find the locations of all 4 vending machines and how to reach them.

Stray All Vending Machine Location

The first vending machine will be quite easy to find, as soon as you reach the slums, on the left side you will find a robot with a guitar, you will find the first vending machine in front of him. There will be two vending machines and only the green one will be working.

The second vending machine can be found near a robot called Rozey who will be sitting alone in front of a house. The alley will be dark but there will be orange light near Rozey. On top of Rozey’s head, you will find a platform with a vending machine.

The Third vending machine can be found near Doc’s house. From the Doc’s house keep going straight and then take a left to find the white color vending machine.

The fourth vending machine will be on the rooftop near the robot called Heptor who will be sitting on a chair with a stick. In front of Heptor on another roof, you will find the vending machine.

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