Genshin Impact As The Courtyard In Spring Once Appeared Guide

Genshin Impact

As the courtyard in spring once appeared the level two progression world of Genshin Impact rolled out Summertime Fantasia. This Domain of the summertime questline irrevocably revolves around the Kazuha-themed family lineage and the childhood story of Kazuha. It’s all a mix of some puzzles, an amazing storyline, a great visual experience, and some fights. Hence gamers are here to help you out with the whole walkthrough of the domain of Genshin Impact and give a clean chit end to the “as the courtyard in spring once appeared “.

We have divided the whole quest into 3 sections, and we will provide further details section-wise.

  1. Entering and investigating the area of domain 1
  2. Entering and finding an exit after resource collection in Domain 2
  3. Continue onward with shattered space in domain 3
Genshin Impact Domain 1

Before you enter the Kazuha themed family mansion, you will encounter Mittuboru the wave rider that speaks, and a small adventure plan by all the characters. Follow up the instructions carefully and stepwise, first you set the time to the next day i.e. 6:00 – 24:00, and then navigate to the Puddling Isle using Mittuboru.

It will take you to the mansion and it’s exactly where you enter Domain 1 and the first part of As the courtyard in spring. But for that, you have to interact with the bonsai to teleport to the domain. So make sure before you do that you choose your best team.

As you enter read the letter on the table in front of you. The whole idea of solving the puzzles in this domain and acquiring the treasure is just you have to adjust the direction of devices and torch the energy-generating main source that triggers an energy ball and gets directed according to the device’s direction and it unlocks the chest. So on your left would be the prismatic Rampart and obtain the yellow gem.

You are now in a room that acts as an elevator to take you into specific chambers when you pull the switch. So at first in the chamber, you will come across the prismatic Rampart ( the energy generating the main source ) and the direction of the devices to hit the chest. You have to change the color of the Rampart torch to yellow using the yellow gem. And your chest shall unlock.

Then move back to the elevator switch to enter another room where you shall encounter some enemies, defeat them with a blazing fight and obtain the yellow gem. Now you again get to the switch and get to the collection room and follow the very same mechanism to unlock the chest and obtain the rewards. Follow the way collecting the Omamori charms and lighting the shrines on your way, till you reach another locked door which you open up using the charms. Lead along till you climb some ladders and jump into a bottom hole on the floor.

Finally, you reach the final room, the dojo where you would come across some brutal samurai and nobushi enemies for a steamy fight. Return with the red leaf and unlock the last chamber. At the passageway, there are two chests—one common and one exquisite. To retrieve the other one, move the last device and shoot the beam again after adjusting at the desired target.

Genshin Impact Domain 2

The objective of domain 2 stands at the requirements of Kazuha to carve out the decoration of the bonsai. So you got to defeat the enemies and get the tools for that. To use the resources, go back to the spot marked by the mission marker and engage with the box there.

As soon as the first Melodic Omamori is collected and placed in the shrine in the center of the room, the group will be teleported to a new location. Before returning to the device to fire it, investigate the corridor & interact with the system to collect a second and third Melodic Omamori. Then, adjust the ramparts.

For the time being, overlook the sealed lever and take the Melodic Omamori to the left. Present it to the room’s central shrine for which you will observe there will be a wind current. Go along the direction of the current into the new location, then look about until you find an open lever. Spin the place upside down by pulling the lever.

In the center of the chamber that you flipped, gather the amulet. A Melodic Omamori will be waiting for you in the floor hole if you proceed a bit further. Unseal the shrine by firing a green energy ball. Alongside the firing mechanism, gather the Melodic Omamori. Come back to the previous room with the help of wind currents. Flip the chamber back to its initial form by pulling the lever and insert the Melodic Omamoris inside the shrines on the room’s left and right. It will then unlock the door. When you come to another lever, continue on the way.

Use the lever to reverse the direction of the following room And place all the Melodic Omamori gathered in each shrine. The remaining ramparts should align in the following pattern forward and upwards because the alignment of the Red Prismatic Rampart is about the corner. Next in the row is the Green Prismatic Rampart. In order to use it, you must alter the color from Red to Green. The ramparts should then be turned to the right and ahead before turning the room once more and firing it to release another Melodic Omamori.

To open the box and entrance to the following region, rotate the chamber and deposit the gathered Melodic Omamori for each shrine. You should proceed along the path and kill the opponent’s enemy in the dojo section before ascending the stairs to the next room. Leave the dojo and ascend the stairs until you reach the final room, continue along the path, till you reach Kazuha, and continue moving in the room that is in monochrome and domain 2 ends.

Genshin Impact Domain 3

You can begin with the Prismatic Rampart. No changes are required in the direction of machine settings. To ignite the Wind Current you can gather the Melodic Omamori & lay it on the shrine. Engage the switch to turn on a further Wind Current. Gather the Melodic Omamori from the leaves top and then by the stairs. Interact with the Treasure Chest nearby and the Phantasmal Conch upon that table.

Fire can be used to break the Red Prismatic Seal and the Red Gem to change the color of the Prismatic Rampart in order to obtain the second Omamori. The Treasure Chest is located in the same chamber after taking the following path, where you will also need to combat some Tenryou Commission Soldiers.

The Precious Chest can be found close to the boat. Kill three waves of adversaries as you navigate Wind Current to the other platform. Get on board with the Alcor and the domain comes to an end here.

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