As Dusk Falls Safe Code, All Choices & Outcomes If Cant Open The Safe

As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is a story narrative game where during the story you will get a few tasks and choices to make. Depending on your choices and the task you complete or fail to do so will mold the story in different ways. Below you will find one such instance you will come across in chapter 1 where you need to open a safe. Below you will find all possibilities of how the story could unfold and the safe code.

The most important part of this story is to not let Dante’s wife press the alarm button. You need to successfully complete all the checkmarks and yank the help button to net let the sheriff come home quickly. If she presses the help button Dante will always catch you inside the house. If you have successfully opened the safe, he will catch you downstairs. If you failed to open the safe, he will catch you upstairs.

As Dusk Falls Where To Find Safe Code

When Dale and Jay try to enter Dante’s house, Tyler will give Jay the code. For a few seconds, Jay looks at the code and keeps the note in his pocket. You need to remember this code and use it to open the safe later when you reach Dante’s office. The code to open the safe in Dante’s office is “5926“.

As Dusk Falls Failed To Open Safe Outcome

Now if you have yanked the help button and opened the safe using the code, you will escape the house without Dante catching you.

If you couldn’t yank the help button and still successfully opened the safe, Dante will catch Dale & Jay downstairs. Where you will get some checkmarks and upon successfully clearing them, Jay will whack Dante with a Candlestick. If he fails to whack Dante, then Dale will shoot Dante and both will escape the house.

If you yanked the help button but forgot the code there will be a plan B to pry open the safe with a crowbar. You need to mash your mouse button to clear the task and open the safe. You will get two chances to pry open the safe, then Dante will come upstairs.

If you couldn’t yank the help button and forgot the code or entered the wrong code. You will only get one chance to pry open the safe. Still, if you couldn’t open it the first chance Dante will come upstairs and catch Dale and Jay. There you will have three options, whack Dante with a crowbar, fail to whack Dante resulting in Dale Shooting him, or escape through the window.

Now all these choices will have an impact on chapter 2. If you want to find out all choices & outcomes of chapter 2, you can check out our Youtube video HERE.

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