As Dusk Falls Chapter 1 Desert Dream All Endings & How To Get

As Dusk Falls

In As Dusk Falls there is a plethora of choices and task list that decides the future of the story. Failing to complete a quick action can alter the storyline. The storyline revolves around three families and in chapter 1 you will get acquainted with all. There are three different endings for the Vince family and four different endings for the Holt family. According to the ending of chapter 1, chapter 2 will start with a different beginning. Below you will find all the endings of chapter 1 and how to get them.

Vince Chapter 1 Route 66 Endings

At the end of chapter 1, there will be chaos when the Holt brothers try to leave the motel. They will take Michelle hostage no matter whichever choices you have selected previously. Now after Michelle has been taken hostage the choices you make will decide the ending of chapter 1 as well as the beginning of chapter 2. There are three different endings which are:

As Dusk Falls Vince Route 66 Endings

Pointed Gun At Tyler

When Tyler has taken Michelle, hostage, you need to take Tyler’s gun and complete the quick actions correctly. If you successfully take Tyler’s gun, Vince will point it at Tyler and you will get a crossroad option to either “Surrender” or “Shoot”. If you select the shoot option, you will get the ending Pointed Gun At Tyler.

Held At Gunpoint By Tyler

Similarly, when facing the above situation if you choose to “Surrender” your weapon, Tyler will take the gun and point it at Vince. You will get the ending Held At Gunpoint by Tyler.

Shots Fired…

When Michelle is taken hostage, you need to select the option to attack Tyler. While attacking Tyler you need to fail the quick action and lose the fight with Tyler to get the Shots Fired ending.

As Dusk Falls Jay Sheriff’s House Endings

Got Money and Avoided Dante

To get this ending you need to stop Dante’s wife from calling for help by yanking the help button. Then you need to enter the safe code correctly and successfully clear the quick actions to leave the house without Dante noticing.

Escape Via Window

If you fail to stop Dante’s wife from calling help and fail to open the safe, Dante will come upstairs to investigate and find the Holt brothers. After that, he will catch hold of Dale and Jay needs to decide either to run for the door, attack Dante or Escape via the window. Choosing escape via window will get you this ending.

Pursued By Dante Without Money

If you fail to get the money from the safe and get caught by Dante you will get this ending. There are various ways to obtain this ending.

Escaped Dante With The Money

If you have failed to stop Dante’s wife from pressing the help button but successfully opened the safe using code or prying open with a crowbar, you will get this ending.

Safe Code & Fail Outcome

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