Stray Get Blanket For Elliot, Super Spirit Detergent & Electric Cable


In Stray, there is a bit of exploration and where you need to find different items and exchange them with the robots to complete the quests in the Slums area. One such item you will need from the Barterman is the electric cable to fix the tracker. The Barterman will need Super Spirit detergent in exchange for the electric cable. Below you will find how to get the super spirit detergent, electric cable, and a blanket for Elliot to stop his shivering.

Stray How To Get Super Spirit Detergent

While roaming around the slums you will find a signboard and while translating it you will notice a shop called Super Spirit Laundry. If you visit the shop, there will be no way to get inside and fetch the detergent. If you scratch the door, the shopkeeper will shout, “Are you one of the troublemakers playing with the paint buckets on the roof?”

To open the Spirit Laundry door, you need to climb up to the roof and stand near the robot tossing the paint can from the lower side. You will get an option to interact with them and while meowing at the correct time will distract the robot, the paint Can will fall down. After that, the Spirit Laundry shopkeeper will come outside angrily shouting at the troublemakers and you can get inside the shop to get the Super Spirit Detergent.

Stray How To Get Electric Cable

To get the electrical cable you need to visit the Barterman, he will have three items with him and one of them is the electric cable. You will need the electric cable to fix the tracker and progress the main quest. Exchange the super spirit detergent for the electric cable and bring that cable to the grandma.

Stray How To Get A Blanket For Elliot & Fix Tracker

Once you give the electric cable to grandma she will knit a poncho for you that will help Elliot from the cold. Head back to the Elliot Programming room and interact with Elliot to hand him over the Poncho that will fix his shivering. After that, he will fix the tracker for you and you need to bring the tracker back to Seamus.

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