Stray- All 8 Music Sheet Location And Whom To Give

StrayIn Stray, while we enjoy the adventurous life of a cat and focus on moving “Outside” along with his new robot companion B-12. Once we enter the village or make contact with the Guardian who allows a stray cat like ourselves to live among them. In search of Momo who is the only one that knows about the Postcard, we would find multiple sources that can help retrieve B-12’s memory. Apart from that, there are various other collectibles and one such being a Music Sheet that can be collected in the same area while exploring. In this guide, we will focus on all 8 Music Sheets that can be found to listen to the music and obtain achievement.

All 8 Music Sheet Location And Whom To Give At Stray

As we discussed there are a total of 8 Music Sheets and by arranging them in chronological order, you can completely locate all the sheets by following the instructions i.e. mentioned below:

Music Sheet #1

At Momo’s Apartment when he finishes talking to you, enter a room that has a grilled door. Climb up the boxes where the first note is placed on top of the shelf.

Music Sheet #2

After exiting Momo’s apartment, the camera will zoom onto Clementine’s apartment. Before entering the window, the pipe will be connected to the balcony beside the window. Reach the balcony where the 2nd sheet will be placed on the table.

Music Sheet #3

Scratch Elliot’s Door on the ground floor. He will open the door and inside his apartment would be the 3rd Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #4

The 4th sheet is easy to find or says it can be purchased from the Vendor. To purchase, you will need an Energy Drink that can be obtained from the vending machine near the Guardian’s room.

On the opposite street, Azooz the vendor would be selling various items but we are here to collect the 4th Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #5

In the bar which is situated opposite the Guardian’s room in the street. Enter the bar and climb up the stairs to reach the floor above where the 5th Music Sheet is placed on the table.

Music Sheet #6

The 6th Music Sheet can be found at Clementine’s apartment. Enter the room and explore till you find Clementine’s bed. Beside his bed would be a small bookshelf where the 6th Sheet was placed.

Music Sheet #7

It is unmissable as we would be toppling all books in the library in search of the safe. There would be a piano in the library where the 7th Music Sheet will be placed on it.

Music Sheet #8

Inside the Binary Safe Code, you will find the final Music Sheet that can be offered to the Musician “Morusque” who will be sitting in the same alley. The code is supposed to be 1283.

After collecting all the Music Sheets, you will earn a Silver Trophy “Meowlody” and a Music Badge. Listen to the notes or each music sheet’s melody after submitting them to Morusque. For more guides on Stray, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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