Escape Academy- The Thresher Walkthrough

escape academyEscape Academy has come up with a new map for the new escape room where you have to solve the riddles that will be presented in the scene. You can play online with your friend who both entangle themselves observing and having a quick brainstorming session. In this guide, we have explained what you need to perform in order to escape “The Thresher area.

The Thresher Walkthrough For Escape Academy

The scene starts with; you interacting with Jeb who allow you to look over the water grate. In the meantime, he has made his way to the Observation Room in search of Duct Tape. Then the countdown will start when slowly but surely the water will start to fill up. The next thing we know is that to escape the room, we have to climb up all 5 floors to escape.

1st Floor

Open the green case on the stool to get the small key that will open the padlock (the camera position will shift beneath the lock). The box unlocked will display a lever, switch it on/off. Once the power is turned off, you will be able to see a fluorescent hand impression opposite the switch. Interact with it to get a clipper, a hammer, and a screwdriver. Now go to the darker region of the floor. Interact with the wall behind the curtain to get a message, These nails are loose, but I cant pull them off with my hands indicating that you need to use your hammer to pull them off. This will give you the message FEAR, now turn off the lever to light up the room and fully revealing the message WE ALL FEAR WATER. Then after, interact with the electronic device on the grate. The code is simple FEAR.

2nd Floor

First, untie the blue valve handle using a clipper and fit it amidst the red and yellow valve handles. Now inspect the clues over the warning signs, it states how many times you need to rotate each handle to unlock the door. Well, if you don’t get it correct, heres the combination 3 yellow turns, 4 blue turns, and 6 red turns.

Turn the valves to their respective numbers to open the door. Once you get inside rotate the wheel to pull up the Rusty key. Hold on to it and get outside to open the padlock and get the handicam. Now put the handicam on the hook and submerge it by rotating the wheel. Now the monitor outside the steel door will show you the passwordWILL.

3rd Floor

First, pick up the Acryl Sheets from over the sofa and inside the cardboard box. Now get to the toilet and open the left toilet lead, which will have a safe manual attached underneath. There will be some yellow chart papers over which some lines might be drawn, attached those acryl sheets over there. They will form numbers 510. Now get near the safe, with a handle attached to it. Reading the safe manual (it can be found by opening the lid of the rightmost toilet), figure out the combination.

Hint: Shift the figures to the left as shown in each MK column.

Nevertheless, the combination is Circle, Circle, Square, Wheel, Square. Click on them to open the safe and get the switch handle. Now head towards the electric box near the boat, and turn the lock to the combination 510. Now attach the handle to the handle holder and then switch it on. Another fluorescentcolored letter will appear beside the three letters. Enter the password to escape which is SLOW.

4th Floor

First, pick up two strange devices from the table beside the grate. Now turn left and pick up the cipher sheet hanging on the pole. Take out the cipher sheet to interpret the letters scribbled on the wall (check out both the walls). This will give you the words UNDER PRESSURE and OVER WEIGHT.

Now search for the water pressure valve and interact with the switch beneath it. As said, UNDER PRESSURE, place the strange device on the “under socket. It will display UR. Similarly, search for the water weight valve and place the strange device over the over socket. It will display YO. Combining both the password becomes YOUR.

5th Floor

First, smash the crate and pick up the old map. You can see four triangles in the middle of the map. Look up for the part of the triangles on the display screen; light up those squares only by setting up the correct electrical pattern. Now once you light up the squares now take a note of which sub-square the triangle is. This will correspond to the correct order of passwords as numbers will be engraved on the map.

After you get to know those letters put them into the correct order which will give the password MIND. Finally, climb up the ladder to escape where the last puzzle would be to remember and enter all the correct passwords that we used to open the lock. The correct sentence will be FEAR WILL SLOW YOUR MIND.

Escape Academy’s badge will be earned and more awaits for you that can be obtained by solving other rooms. We would be constantly updating all the rooms or levels walkthrough for the Escape  Academy, so keep on checking the posts frequently.

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