Escape Academy Pass The Exam Find Headmaster Full Name Guide

escape academy

Escape Academy is a sought first person view, escape room simulation, where the developers and the coin crew have taken up the slight new edge to make their solving puzzles a bit extra interesting. The developer has reached a much-revamped mode to solve puzzles as well as maintain the excitement level of playing together with its online co-op experience. Invariably it’s commendable how the developer has put in so many thoughts to bring out the charm of solving together and much approachable gameplay for every faction of gamers around.

So gamer, first of all, congratulations you have completed the very first mission and have successfully been promoted to face mission number two, “ The entrance exam”. It’s the pretty interesting one and quite an easy one as well. So ladies and gentlemen if you have tried and you are stuck, let us torch the way for you.

Clues In Room

So guys you will be given 15 mins to complete your puzzle or else a memory-erasing gas is all ready to show you your way out of the academy. Basically, the objective of this mission is to find the headmaster’s name. So guys first and foremost you need to find three receipts, whose information will prove really crucial for you for the further proceedings. Make sure you find out a locked briefcase on the glass table. The signs and the lock will definitely intrigue you and that is exactly what we need to open for further information.

You shall find the 3 receipts in the following locations :

  1. The left corner of the bookcase
  2. The upper right corner with an unusual compass
  3. At the corner table beside the couch.

Open The Locked Briefcase

Guys, it’s basically the receipt of the no of trophies, potted plants, and clocks that are in the room. So I guess the symbols on the briefcase will ring a bell now. Now head to the briefcase and go for the lock and fix it at 2-5-3 representing the number of clocks, potted plants, and trophies respectively.

The case shall open and you will obtain pictures with different dates on it. Obtain them and they shall be auto-saved to your inventory on your left screen.

Now we would advise you to roam around a bit in the room to obtain the important resources.

  1. The key from the hanging bag is on the right of the closed door.
  2. Floppy disk from the window shelf left of the headmaster’s chair.

Escape Academy Headmaster Last Name

Now you can use the key to unlock the drawer of the headmaster’s desk. There you will obtain a group photograph and a screwdriver. You can use the screwdriver to open the vent and crawl in where you would find a phone number at the end of the vent. Come out and use the number, 952-4242 to make a call from the telephone at the desk. Jeb shall answer your call and there you would get the last name of the headmaster, “ SOLANGE”. Enter it on the machine next to the door.

Escape Academy Headmaster Middle Name

For the next proceedings and the middle name, it’s all your engagement on the bookshelf. Use the pictures that you obtained from the briefcase and select the books with the country’s names on the shelf in chronological order, that goes like this.

Egypt -> Japan -> Greece

The secret door shall open and take you to the headmaster’s lavish beautiful study. Where you would come across a computer. And right here the collected floppy disk will come to use. You can insert it and the screen shall display “ D E A D “. And my friends that’s a clue as well.

You can reach the piano whose keys are marked with alphabets and right here you can press the D, E, A, and D buttons to open a small drawer where you can obtain a UV bulb.

Use the bulb in the trophy case where you will find one unfixed bulb holder. And once the bulb glows it will illuminate a certificate that gives you the middle name of the headmaster, “ JACQUELINE”. You can go to the machine next to the door and enter it.

Escape Academy Headmaster First Name

Now the mission is just in need of the first name of the headmaster to admit you into the escape academy. So basically here you have to see the antique fox head that is decorated above the fireplace as a kind of mascot. You could easily use the group picture from your inventory to match the fox face and the name written above it that reads “ SANDY “.

Reach to the machine to enter the first name of the headmaster as “ SANDRA “. And celebrations gamers we are here with the full name of the headmaster, “SANDRA JACQUELINE SOLANGE “. The door opens and you receive your report card and beginner batch !! Welcome to the escape academy.

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